Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mahjong Recess For The Duration Of The World Cup

Friday evening mahjong has been cancelled for the duration of the World Cup.

The last game of mahjong was played on Friday 4th June. Ray was in town and joined us for the game. He did well enough, despite a Chombo in the second game, gaining sixteen points and playing just enough games to get back his status as a "full time" player.

Noda signalled his intentions by finishing the first game as the only winner. Ray won the second game despite the Chombo.

The second game was the beginning of a disastrous performance by David who gave back all of the previous session's winnings, committed a foolish Riichi-Chombo by throwing away the tile he needed to complete his hand, and then ended up with a Yakitori on the table at the end of the game.

David staged a belated fourth game recovery that enabled him to just avoid a treble-digit loss for the evening.

Jaime steered a middle course between victory (Noda) and disaster (David), scoring a total of zero for the last two games and ending down on -23. So the only foreigner happy with the evening was Ray!

Noda +47, +2, +58, -1 = +106
Ray -14, +51,* -7, -14 = +16
Jaime -18, -5, +13, -13 = -23
David -15, -48, -64,* ** +28 = -99

* Chombo
** Yakitori

Japanese Mahjong 


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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Friday 21st May: David Recovers Form

Bit of a late report this one. Noda, David and Nobu played three games of mahjong during an early sesson on Friday 21st May, from 7pm to 10pm.

In the first game Nobu appeared to be about to claim the 8-Bamboo from David (Oya, Tenpai) but David pointed at the 8-Bamboo in Nobu's discard row. A couple of tiles later Nobu went out on Noda's 1-Bamboo discard on what he thought was a legal Toitoi hand, but since one of his waits was illegal (8-Bamboo) and had been warned already about Chombo, he was unceremoniously penalized.

Noda staged a minor third game recovery to finish on -18, so his whopping lead is hardly threatened by David's +94 result.

Nobu, in the meantime, sank to a new low at the bottom of the ladder despite a great improvement in his game, his awareness (up to a point) and the pace at which he plays over the last month or so.

David +61, +42, -9 = +94
Noda -34, -4, +20 = -18
Nobu -27,* -38, -11 = -76

Japanese Mahjong
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