Friday, April 16, 2010

Going With The Flow At Jeff's Texas Hold'em Party...

How many times do you have to come second at a game before you can win it? When it comes to mahjong, I'm quite happy with "second and in the black", but at Jeff's Texas Hold'em party there is only one winner unless the last two agree to split the pot. I never think of doing that when I'm one of the last two and until now I hadn't got my mitt on the loot...

There were only five players on Saturday evening and so the odds were not too bad, but the winnings were not so huge either... Joe was the first to go out, followed by Jeff's son, Kenta and then Jeff. Atsuko was hoping to fund her family's Sunday barbeque party but the luck was with me.

My game strategy was to build large towers of the colour of the moment and then let it flow away. Call it the wave strategy. It usually involves waving goodbye to your cash. But tonight the tide turned one more time and I escaped with the mula.

David with his winnings...

Thanks for the party, Jeff. I look forward to the next one!



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