Sunday, May 28, 2006

Friday 26th May: Prevented by a Debilitating Fever...

The stresses and strains of the last month finally caught up with The Poor Little Cypriot. The last straw was probably the inclement weather. It is usually warm in Hiroshima in late May but Thursday and Friday evenings were chilly and Friday was wet.

Anyway, the PLC arrived at Kodama only to say "Hello" to Eri who has returned to the fray after a long absence, and to tie up some business with The Human Computer...

Mama served him a cup of green tea, and after mopping his fevered brow once or twice the PLC then departed and caught a taxi which took him all the way home. The PLC was in bed before 10pm - an almost unheard of occurrence on a Friday night in Hiroshima...

I am therefore unable to tell you how Noda continued his decline. Nor am I able to mention by what manner Jaime got into and back out of a tight hole. No more can I enlighten you, gentle reader, as to how it was that The Human Computer computed his way back into the black. Finally, I cannot relate how Eri fell to the bottom of the pile nor by what cunning ploy Jaime claimed yet another Kokushimusou - at her expense...

However, there is a place where one can read a faithful account of these events, and that place is here.

The score sheet reads:

Kenyon +42 +59 +0 +2 +4 = +107
Jaime -54 -17 +64 +18 +32 = +43
Noda +12 -29 +1 -20 -36 = -72
Eri -13 -65 = -78

David Hurley
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